Spinning 'Game of Thrones' Red Keep made from 125,000 bricks

Hundreds of hours of work went into building a motorized Lego version of the Red Keep from "Game of Thrones" designed to move like in the show's opening credits.

It's one thing to build a Lego model of the Red Keep from "Game of Thrones." It's another thing entirely to build that model and then motorize it so it spins like the computer-generated version of the castle seen in the show's epic opening credits.

The Red Keep is the fortress-like structure in King's Landing that houses the famous Iron Throne.

The Beyond the Brick YouTube channel shared a video of the creation in action on Friday. It comes from Lego builder Claus-Marc Hahn of BricksCreations with an assist for the motorization from builder Lok24.

The entire Red Keep spins, but the towers also move up and down thanks to 16 motors and 4 Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics kits.

It took about 800 hours to construct the moving Red Keep using 125,000 Lego pieces. The hefty construction project weighs 143 pounds (65 kilograms), and it's an impressive "Game of Thrones" tribute that might help tide fans over until the show returns in July.