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'Game of Thrones' gets an official 'Night's Watch'

High-end watchmaker Ulysse Nardin has teamed with HBO to produce an official limited-edition "Game of Thrones" timepiece.

Ulysse Nardin

This is just what the Night's Watch needed: an, erm, "Night's Watch." Because it's helpful to know when dusk is approaching on the Wall, probably.

The timepiece, actually called "The Night's Watch", was produced by Swiss manufacturer Ulysse Nardin for HBO, based on its "Black Sea" rugged diving chronograph.

The watch itself isn't particularly "Game of Thrones"-related. Although it's appropriately black, the dial features the aquatic wave pattern of the Black Sea watch, and red elements embellish the numeral markers, hands and power reserve and small seconds sub-dials.


Ulysse Nardin described the watch: "'The Night's Watch' marine diver, a perfect pairing of sport and style, is monochromatic in rich black, with elements of red representing the serious feel of the sacred order." Did no one tell them Mance Rayder was booted from the "sacred order" for wearing red? Guess not.

In fact, the "Game of Thrones" elements are pretty subtle: the show's logo inscribed on the caseback, and two ceramic links in the watch's rubber strap engraved with "The Night's Watch" below the case and "I am the sword in darkness" above.

The 45.8mm watch also features a vulcanized rubber coating on the steel case, a sapphire crystal and is water resistance to about 655 feet.

Limited to just 25 pieces, the going rate is $10,500 a pop, and they're only available in two physical stores in New York: Cellini Jewelers and the HBO store.

(Source: Crave Australia via A Blog to Watch)