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'Game of Thrones' chair made from melted keyboards

The Throne of Nerds embodies the angst and struggle of ruling the kingdom in a chair crafted from the keyboards of fallen foes.

Throne of Nerds
If you think the throne is rough, wait until you see the crown.
Mike DeWolfe

Take "Game of Thrones." Stir in a high level of geekiness. Add a dash of Salvador Dali. Mix well. Apply heat. Congratulations, your name is Mike DeWolfe and you've just created the Throne of Nerds.

The Throne of Nerds is a full-size replica of the Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones," but with one important difference. Instead of being forged from the swords of his fallen enemies, DeWolfe sculpted the beast from the keyboards of his fallen enemies. All the keys and hard plastic make it look just marginally more comfortable than the pointy metal version it's modeled after.

To get the proper look, DeWolfe used at least 20 keyboards mounted to a chair. Many have been melted and shaped to fit. "The underlying message is one of suffering. The keyboards have been melted and warped. They're made to twist to fit, but at the same time that renders them unusable because they cannot fulfill their intended purpose," he writes.

DeWolfe took extra care to scorch almost all of the "Esc" keys, because, you know, there is no escape once you've been taken into the clutches of the Throne of Nerds. You're doomed to rule the nerd kingdom, an unforgiving place where at any moment your Twitter account might be hacked and what you thought were your Facebook friends will forsake you.

It's a pitiless world full of intrigue, endless Xbox battles, and merciless "Star Wars" movie rumors. I don't envy the nerd who wears the crown.

DeWolfe is a geek's geek. He not only crafted the Throne of Nerds, but he also has a man-size fiberglass Cthulhu sculpture with a built-in water feature for sale. Be still my beating heart! Now, if we could just get Cthulhu to sit on the Throne of Nerds, all my dreams will be fulfilled.

Throne of Nerds back side
A peek behind the Throne of Nerds. Mike DeWolfe

(Via Geeks are Sexy)