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Golfer and 'Game of Thrones' fan? Build a Five Iron Throne with spare clubs

No need for scorching dragon fire for this royal seat! If you have enough golf clubs, you too can construct a Westerosi throne chair thanks to this handy tutorial.

Pretend to be the King or Queen of the Green while sitting in this Iron Throne made of golf clubs. Direct Golf UK

Everyone could use his or her very own Iron Throne from the hit TV series "Game of Thrones." Now golf enthusiasts can build a Westerosi royal seat using 300 metal golf clubs -- instead of the swords of their defeated enemies.

Dead Beats Create and Direct Golf UK teamed up to make this sporty tribute to the show that's full of fore-play, handicaps and 18 holes (in the back of an enemy).

"It's almost impossible to put a price on something handcrafted of which there is only one in the world," form designer and fabricator Jake Miller told Crave.

"You could look at it that, if you wanted to buy a factory-built fiberglass molded replica of the Iron Throne it will set you back $29,523 (about £20,000 or AUS$29,000)," Miller told Crave. "There's no fake molding on this; it's the real deal, so to speak."

Fans can also make this sporty seat with this step-by-step tutorial from Direct Golf UK.

First make the wooden frame with structural pillars to support the weight of both the golf clubs and the person who will be rightfully sitting on your throne. Add the arms, angled legs and back of the chair. Then add wooden boards to attach decorative elements as well as to give the throne more stability. Metal paneling and feet are then added to the chair.

Be sure to strap each club individually in position. Direct Golf UK

The most impressive, and possibly complicated, element of the throne is the 300 golf clubs you'll be using. So be sure to carefully select and cut to size the clubs with help from a professional to avoid any mistakes or injuries.

"To ensure that the theme of the throne of is maintained, the rubber grips of the clubs are utilized as the 'fabric,'" according to Direct Golf UK. "Each club is carefully stripped of the grip, the rubber is then cut to shape, stretched and fixed to form the padded sections of the throne."

The completed Iron Throne should measure 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall, and will be fairly heavy, so don't forget to ask your worthy subjects to help move it into your throne room, or at least in front of the TV.