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Game not over yet for OnLive

The game-streaming service OnLive restructures to stay alive, the Apple-Samsung jury must make the call on copycats, and the Mars rover shoots laser, hits target.

Any objection to Monday's top tech headlines is overruled:

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The Apple vs. Samsung trial is almost at a close. The jury is expected to begin deliberations Tuesday. The two tech giants spent three weeks battling over patents and accusations of copying.

OnLive is facing some rough days ahead. The cloud-based gaming servicesold its assets to an investor Friday and laid off employees, but said it will rehire many back as the newly restructured company (which will still be called OnLive). The company says subscribers shouldn't see any problems or interruptions in service during this restructuring.

College students who buy a new PC from Dell, HP, Best Buy or the Microsoft Store can get a free Xbox console. Catch: The PC must cost at least $699 and bought by September 8.

The iPhone trade-in madness has begun. Gadget buyback site Gazelle is locking in price quotes for used iPhones made now, but sellers can hang on to their phone until October 1. The next iPhone is expected to launch late September, which gives sellers time to wait and still get a decent value on their trade-in. The value of used iPhones is higher now than it will be when the new model arrives.

AT&T is giving iPhone users the ability to make a FaceTime video call on its cellular network. But, users will have to switch to a shared data plan for that perk.

Watch out, Marvin. NASA has it's own ray gun. Designed for chemistry tests, the Curiosity rover's laser went through its first test. The laser pulsated on a rock and vaporized the outer rock surface. Sensors were able to collect tons of data just from the electrically charged plasma that was released.

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