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Game Boy games we want to see on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

Now that the Nintendo 3DS has made a Game Boy Virtual Console official, expect a lot of oldies to get dusted off and popped back into circulation. Here's our wish list.

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Scott Stein
Super RC Pro Am is only one of dozens of games we'd buy for a few bucks.
Super RC Pro Am is only one of dozens of games we'd buy for a few bucks. GameSpot

Sometimes, old can be better than new, especially when old is cheap. Retro games have flooded the Nintendo Wii via the Virtual Console, and the Nintendo 3DS will receive similar treatment via its recently announced Game Boy Virtual Console.

Considering the Game Boy's history dating all the way back to 1989, that adds up to a heck of a lot of games that could come back into circulation. Not all of them should, of course, but there are plenty of gems well worth a price point that we sincerely hope wouldn't hover above $5.

In fact, a retro Virtual Console could be an even better idea for a handheld game system than on a console; most handheld game experiences are geared for quick-fix play sessions, and the (hopefully) low prices of downloaded Virtual Console games could keep Nintendo 3DS software more in line with the bargain-basement offerings on Apple's labyrinthine App Store.

Click below for our wish list, which we first compiled well before this announcement, at a time when we wondered why Nintendo never made these games available for the Nintendo DSi. Now we know: they were waiting for the 3DS.

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