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Galaxy S8 swims with the sharks for daredevil unboxing

Most unboxing videos take place in calm, dry conditions, but T-Mobile thought it would try something different for the water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung's new Galaxy S8 is receiving a lot of attention for its water resistance. T-Mobile decided to test that feature with a bizarre unboxing video, posted Wednesday, that takes place inside a shark cage underwater.

Despite the dramatic music and close proximity of the sharks, the diver (a T-Mobile technology evangelist named Des) appears to be pretty safe (though shark cages aren't perfect). The video is full of advertising for both T-Mobile and the phone, placing this firmly in the PR-stunt category.

In case you're tempted to jump into a shark cage to unbox your own Galaxy S8, you might want to heed the fine-print warnings at the bottom of the video. They include "In-box contents are not waterproof" and "Face unlock does not work with dive mask."

T-Mobile also notes that the phone, which was unveiled Wednesday, is water-resistant in up to 5 feet (1.5 meters) of water for up to 30 minutes, so don't dive down too deep or for too long. Actually, why don't you just play it safe and unbox your new phone on dry land? That sounds like a much better idea.