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Galaxy S4 quad-core confusion and evil Wi-Fi in Podcast 331

Following news that the UK will miss the octa-core S4, in this week's show we put regional phone variants through the wringer.

British phone fans are nursing broken hearts this week, amid confirmation from Samsung that the Galaxy S4 will play host to a quad-core chip in the UK, not the 8-core affair that some regions will enjoy.

In this week's show we put regional phone variants through the wringer -- is there a good reason for different countries to get different models? Is it all down to 4G? And what exactly is the difference between the S4's quad and octa-core chips anyway? Click play to hear our thoughts, or scroll down for the eye-melting video version.

This week we're also getting chatty about the next Xbox and whether it will force owners to install games, as well as puzzling over whether Sky's offering of sports on Now TV for £10 per day is a bargain or a horrible rip-off. Oh, and it turns out the Galaxy S4 is proving quite popular, with Carphone Warehouse claiming it's the most pre-registered phone ever.

Elsewhere we rattle through your questions and comments in the feedback section, hear what Otamatone thinks of the Motorola Razr HD and have site Editor Jason Jenkins read you a text-unboxing from one of the first stories we ever published, way back in 2005!

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