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Gadgettes Podcast 162: The Swank Pad Episode

We are here to help you swankify your domicile. Now, all you need to do is shell out a gazillion dollars and you're golden.

We are here to help you swankify your domicile. Now, all you need to do is shell out a gazillion dollars and you're golden.

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ZeroEdge aquariums bring infinity pools to your fish

Dell Inspiron Zino ready to grace home theaters everywhere

9h Capsule Hotel: micro rooms with mucho luxury

Futuristic Bathtub by Spiritual Mode

Shower cubicle lets you sweat, watch TV and get clean (Thanks NDC!)

Wall of Sound’ is the world's biggest iPod speaker

"Bad" Asian Gadget
BAD: The Michael Jackson Cell Phone

Golf Crap
Bra doubles as a golf putting mat

It’s About Time (thanks Eric!)
Natalia Brilli's Nolex

What a concept!
Real calculators modeled after desktop calculators

What the Hell!
The OpenOffice Mouse

In last weeks Gadgettes you mentioned the aliens coming and destroying us for what we do to whales, use their penises for automobie interiero and other such things. Well the nerdy side of me could no resist bringing up that you were bascially describing the story line from Star Trek IV The Voyage Home.

Love the show.


Freedom Leg
I wish I had this option in 2000 when I broke my right leg at the ankle

David Eckard


I am really into new gadgets. I usually purchase most of the new electronics that come out. It’s funny because in your last podcast you guys mentions dating habits in reference to technology, and right after that one of my coworkers asked me out. I started to give him my number, but when I asked for his phone to put my number in, his phone looked like a jitterbug. I made a few jokes about his phone not having a color display, which was enough to deflect from me not giving him my number. He’s a Verizon customer, and they are constantly contacting him pretty much begging him to upgrade his phone. He’s even been offered a free phone, but he still will not do it. I really enjoy your listening to your podcasts. You guys are awesome.