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Gadgettes best-of episode needs your help, and fast!

The Gadgettes need your help with the best-of episode!

3 min read

On the final episode of Gadgettes, I promised to cut together a compilation of some of the best moments from the run of the show. Since then, things have been as busy as ever around here and I simply haven't found the time to do so, but it's always been in the back of my mind. This show is something special, and it truly deserves a "best-of" montage! So, I require your help to make this happen, and I need it fast!

Since the show ended, we've received a number of emails noting favorite moments. In recent weeks, we've received a few comprehensive emails from Thomas P., a big fan of the show. He started with episode 1 and so far has made it through the first 100 episodes, noting only the very best moments from any noteworthy episodes therein. So I should stress, he didn't take a single moment from EVERY episode, but rather, only the best from those episodes.

I have already begun the snipping process of those moments, but your help is needed for the rest. Don't make Thomas do this all alone! There are a number of episodes that still need combing, and this is the perfect project to divvy out to our fans. If each of you grabs a couple of episodes and notes the best moments from those episodes, then one single person isn't doing it all, and I still get what I need to finish the project! 

How will this be done, you might ask? Well, I've created a public Google Doc. That means that anyone with the link can edit the doc. PLEASE: preserve the integrity of the doc and this project by only editing parts that aren't already filled by someone else! I trust you all to do this and I think the final result will be well worth the effort. So, that being said, here are the rules!


  1. Take a look at this Google Spreadsheet.

  2. Lay claim to an as-yet-unclaimed episode (or 2 or 3) by putting your first name next to the episode you plan to listen to in the Claimed By column. Please only put your name down if you are confident you can do this in time. That way, someone else isn't blocked from doing it instead.

  3. Find the episode(s) in the archive and listen start to finish. Only notate the very BEST of the best from each episode, not every little thing that's funny. Every episode should be listened to, ultimately, but not every episode needs to have a moment worth including in the best-of.

  4. Notate the moment(s) you've chosen by marking the time that it begins, and giving the moment a small description in the Moment column of the spreadsheet.

  5. Have your episode(s) finished and notated no later than Thursday, September 16, 2010. This will give me ample time to finish editing everything together. I will publish this episode before the end of the following week.

This fart book challenge will self destruct in...3...2...1... OK, enough reading about the project and get listening!