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Gadgettes 95: The beauty and the butt episode

Beauty...that's the easy part. Working "butt" into the podcast in multiple places, now that's simply raw talent.

Beauty...that's the easy part. Working "butt" into the podcast in multiple places, now that's simply raw talent.

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Estee Lauder makes vibrating mascara

Pamper your beauty products with the B7

The iPhone fingernail problem

Setgo Transport lets you wear your geekiness like a badge of honor

Laser-cut scarfs

Lasers for fat

A propos (of) nothing
Subtle Butt

Hot Asian gadget
Tomy unleashes Japanese schoolgirl army equipped with shoulder-mounted karaoke

What the hell?
If Willy Wonka had an iPhone…

From Cat Laine: Sexy pink Transformer!


Because it’s too much work to feel the temperature of the water:

had to share.


Dear Gadgettes.

If your water is already hot, then you don’t need to heat it. Therefore it is a Solar Water Heater, not a Solar Hot Water Heater. And yes, that is nitpicking


Dear Gadgettes,

OMG! I just got the dyson DC17 and it is SO awesome! It is super easy to put together and start using, it practically propels itself, has super suctiony goodness. When I use it in wand mode, it doesn’t spit dirt out the front and the base is sturdy enough that it doesn’t fall over and hit me in the butt!

None of my girlfriends are geeks, I had to share with someone. (Not open for discussion: how many rugs I actually have in my apartment.)




Hey gang, I was listening to episode 94 and the discussion of the poor copy editing and unnecessary use of quotation marks reminded me of one of my favorite blogs:
The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

Not technology related, but very “humorous.”

Anyhow, “love” the show. Keep “up” the good “work.”

Jeff “from” Huntsville



1- Getting mentioned on the show like I was Chelline (Shalene?) was frakkin’ cool.
2- Yes, a picture did pop into my head, here it is.
3- A rich gated community in my city, has started issuing speeding tickets and DUIs (driving under influence) to drivers of golf carts.
There have actually been fatal accidents.
There’s also a few guys who ’soup’ up their golf carts with bigger
tires and over clocked engines. 3 words- Golf Cart Derby. Maybe CNet
can sponsor a team.

Sheala, GA