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Gadgettes 93: The Kelly's extravagant baby shower episode

We are gonna miss Kelly around here while she's away on her maternity leave. So guess what? Molly and Jason both chipped in and bought Kelly a bunch of really cool stuff for her time away from the podcast! Yes, we're that rich.

Jason Howell Former Associate Producer
4 min read
We are gonna miss Kelly around here while she's away on her maternity leave. So guess what? Molly and Jason both chipped in and bought Kelly a bunch of really cool stuff for her time away from the podcast! Yes, we're that rich.
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iPhone 2! (Rumor roundup)

Sanyo Xacti HD1000 4MP MPEG4 High Definition 1080i Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom

World’s most expensive bathtub

The Onion movie

A remote control that needs no batteries

Wrex the Dawg is probably not an adequate replacement for a real dog

Pimp your bedroom with colorful under-bed lights

Apropos (of) nothing:
Balanzza luggage scale

Why didn’t I think of that!?
Hot diggity dog! The toaster that’s perfect for late-night munchies

What the hell!? (Thanks, Steve!)
This is what happens when Gameboys and platforms collide

Pink Leather ID Card Holder

Voice mail:

Anonymous Musician:
The new Guy’s Guy


wow - SomethingStore.com - random, surprise gifts for $10 each…


If you like random, surprise gifts and are okay with risking further clutter in your abode - this is the site for you! Actually, this would probably be a great idea as a random or gag gift between friends :)

Each ’something’ cost $10 (free shipping). This kind reminds me of the ‘bag-o-crap’ offerings from Woot.com. Honestly, this really could be a clever and fun money-making idea…



Sex and the City movie brainwashed the Buffalo girls

Hey Molly and Kelly, (and jason too!)

I work at a club in downtown Buffalo, NY, and last Friday night we were inundated by a large number of middle aged women, who barged in demanding dance music and martinis. I sat in the DJ booth scratching my head, wondering what could be the cause of this phenomenon when I realized that Sex and the City had just opened across the street. No doubt, these women came out of the theater and ran to the closest gay club in town, determined to break it down just like Kim Cattrall. If that wasn’t enough, 4 girls from Skyy vodka came in and passed around passion fruit martinis in collaboration with the movie release. Then the clock struck one, and all the women realized that they don’t live the illustrious life of the four NYC socialites and went home…

Love the Show!


Ya’ll were really funny last week. here’s the pictures that popped into my head while listening.

Well, *the movie* made a ton of money last weekend and is now, apparently the new banner of feminism. I would like to declare myself not a fan. Thanks for making fun of it last week. Somehow I think now it’s anti-feminist to be a girl and not really like the show/movie.

Good luck to Kelly, look forward to your return.


Sheala, Georgia


Hey Gadgettsters,

In episode 92 you talked about the donut BBQ and the idea of the “beer dinghy” came up. This, of course, begs the question…

Can I jack my dinghy?



Here’s my celebrity douche story:

I am at the U.S. Open in 2005 and I’m standing in a huge walkway that is between Armstrong and GrandStand (I know someone in the audience knows what I’m talking about) And who do I see approaching me in the distance. It’s John McEnroe. So when he almost is near me I say “Hey, John” as he replies with… Nothing! Sniff sniff. I know he saw me and heard me but after I said hi he didn’t even look at me. He walked right past me, up the stairs and into the broadcast booth at which point my dad yells “Jackass!” Who would not even say hi to an innocent twelve year old boy. We were the only ones in the walkway so there is no excuse like he didn’t hear me at didn’t notice me, It was just pure Douche-ness.
Douche Factor on the Douche-o-meter: Douchetastic

Love the show.

P.S. Who is going to take Kelly’s place while she’s gone?


I do not blame you for being afraid of excess lighter fluid. Once, I put an insane amount on to light a fire, and when my family and I made marshmallows, they turned green from all the chemicals. GROSS