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Gadgettes 83: The Cool Concept Episode

Let us quit beating around the bush and accept that sometimes a cool concept is good enough. So expect these concepts to become reality sometime in the flying-car future.

Let us quit beating around the bush and accept that sometimes a cool concept is good enough. So expect these concepts to become reality sometime in the flying-car future.
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Good concept:
Footlume runs lights up your steps

Toilet-mounted washing machine for less water wastage

ApriPoko: a robotic universal remote that has a question

ASCII curtains let you get geeky with home decor

Bad concept:
International Dance Party machine means business

World’s largest surge protector

Cup PC concept is a bit too high-tech

Cracking up, peeling away and seeing the light…

What the HELL!? (What the hell, Ariel edition) Rasta headphones

Miss Bimbo: harmless irony or outrageous influence?

Star Wars Golf Gear debuts for executive geeks

Blossom Pendant Lamp is perfectly personalized


Hello Gadgettes!
Thought I might share this tidbit…
Chosen Apples, a cheesy blog documents weird Apple news and product that most won’t need. The top stories… the the bling bling iPhone valued at $176,000, or the mahogany wood iPhone. Right. Anyways, i do like the iPhone stylus as my fingers are too fat and i have better accuracy with my nose.

“This iPhone stylus, priced at around $25 reportedly "tricks the iPhone into thinking it's really a finger." With this, you can select what you want on the touch screen and not leave behind greasy smudges. It includes a soft tip so you don't damage the screen as you drag while performing onscreen actions.”

bling bling




Skoda car advert that is running in the U.K. currently.

BTW, love the podcast. I work as an Air Traffic Controller in London, and when I walk through the terminal listening to my iPod and start LOL (not LOI!!) at Gadgettes some of the ’self loading freight’--passengers--must wonder if they’re safe!


Hello Molly, Kelly, and Tom,

I have attached a photo of something horrible you people inspired me to create. A bit of backstory first.

I am a fan of the tabletop game Classic Battletech, and have been for some time. This weekend I’ll be running a few games at a convention (I am sure that if Molly were to read this, the mention of tabletop games and conventions would bring out the Comic Book Guy voice). One of the games I am running is an Axeman free for all. Put quite simply, giant robots with giant axes killing each other to death. Well, I needed different color schemes for each of the ten Axeman mechs, but I could only come up with nine. A while later, I was listening to podcasts at work when Gadgettes brought me the inspiration I so needed. I was inspired not once, but twice, first as Pink Watch came on, then again as Hello Kitty watch came on.

It was then I decided that the last Axeman would be pink, and would have Hello Kitty for an insignia. I just hope someone is man enough to pick this one over the not so pink color schemes. Anyhow, take pride knowing the great contribution you helped bring to the Classic Battletech community. Love the show.

-Big Tony
Dallas, TX