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Gadgettes 74: The What the Hell? Episode

Today we pay homage to one of our favorite segments. It's a whole lotta What the Hell?!

Today we pay homage to one of our favorite segments. It's a whole lotta What the Hell?!
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Rabbi the linguist
Anti-Hello Kitty army!

It's Stone Temple Pilots, not Alice in Chains. (D'oh!)

Sean Connery... one final time
I hate to bring up the subject of Sean Connery's heritage again, but I just have to correct a comment from Gadgettes 73, where David commented that "Sean Connery is Welsh, not Scottish". Like me, Sean Connery isn't Welsh, but is in fact Half Scottish and half Irish. He was born in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh. His father, Joseph Connery, was of Irish descent with roots in County Wexford, while his mother, Euphamia Maclean, was a Scot. Hope this clears the whole thing up once and for all! J

-Andy the graphic designer

Coughing Ashtray works!
just sending you an email to tell you that, i purchased a Coughing Ashtray, that you mentioned on your last episode, for my then smoking mother. it didn't last long, it was very quickly lost to the void that is the dark room downstairs.

needless to say, she didn't like it.

also, on a recent episode you mentioned the "desktop keg", if you don't want to get drunk at work, put orange juice (or a juice of choice) in it! this way, when you need a drink, you mustn't leave your desk, and the orange juice is good for your brain and will help you keep your concentration! also, it may give your workplace status a boost, as, you will many more visitors, but be wary of the ones that bring cups.

anyway, thats all.