Gadgettes 104: The 'It's Hot Outside and You Can't Make Me Work' Episode

Summer appears to be winding down, but that won't stop the nice weather from continuing its bad influence on our work ethic. Here are a few key distractions to keep you out of your office and in the sun.

Jason Howell Former Associate Producer
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Summer appears to be winding down, but that won't stop the nice weather from continuing its bad influence on our work ethic. Here are a few key distractions to keep you out of your office and in the sun.

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Hottest solar-powered sports car ever

Solar ice maker

Xbox 360 coin-up arcade

Logitech Squeezebox Boom: The ultimate Wi-Fi radio?

Nikon D90: The hotness

LG to join the UMPC bandwagon with the Netbook X110

It’s about time
Chococlock delivers chocolate every hour

Why didn’t I think of that?
GE Profile frontload washers & dryers

Kill me
The Fuggit by Fuggis Hilton, Part II: The actual box of fake hair

A propos (of) nothing
Kinesio Tex Tape

What the hell!?
Teddy Bear USB drive is a headless horror

Gender Gap
Nose shower gel dispenser


Brock from Boise
The truth about chicken nuggets


I have a special Neil-Diamond-impersonation request for you: Sweet Caroline. I had that song stuck in my head for about three weeks, and it means a lot to me and my bff~*~ Caroline, who also listens to the show.
On the topic of age-appropriateness, I think most 13 year olds know of things like vibrators, “bizness,” etc. (Of course, I’m basing this on my own experience. I watched Showtime by age 12…don’t tell my mom.) Those who dislike such talk, i.e. the weak, won’t listen for more than an episode.
Question: Does it make me tooly to get a BMW for my first car? It’s ridiculously old and ridiculously cheap, but I don’t want to, you know, look like a douche.


I have paused to write in, but you’ve moved on to the next letter so hopefully it is alright.
I am listening to episode 103: The Spy Episode where someone said they didn’t like the McDonald’s southern chicken sandwich and thought the reason was related to the all white meat. My fiance who is actually from the south likes the sandwiches. Chick Fil A is much better, but that’s what I’d expect, however I’m pretty sure Chick Fil A uses white meat also so I doubt the white meat is the reason.

I like white meat and I think that dark meat is gross. I don’t know why but I just can’t eat dark meat, it makes me feel a bit sick. My grandparents like the dark meat though and I have observed that it seems like older people tend to like dark meat whereas younger people gravitate more towards white meat. Additionally, it seems like more men like dark meat and more women like white meat. I am glad that McDonalds has the all white meat chicken nuggets. When I was a kid I would try to guess by the nugget’s shape which were white and if I bit into a dark one I couldn’t finish it. When I get chinese food I always like the dishes better that have white meat chicken.

*Heart* the show.

Orange County, California


Hi there!

Erin from North Carolina here-relatively new listener, first time emailer.

I’m the parent that you are thinking must be crazy. I bought a cell phone for my child when she was quite young, a toddler, in fact. The trick is this–I was a single mom and a full-time student, and I worked part-time. One day, I walked in to one of my classes and my professor asked me why I was there, as she had heard from the Admin office that my daughter was in the hospital. Turns out her caregiver had called before taking my daughter to the doctor, but the school couldn’t find me. When I found out and tried to call to see what was going on with my daughter, I couldn’t reach anyone. They were not in the emergency room and not at the doctor’s office. So, I was terrified until I tracked them down.

I went out and got us both cell phones. I would take mine and leave one with whichever caregiver she was with. No more panic.

Now, she is nine and her cell phone is her own. It has come in handy at big gatherings like our town’s Fourth of July celebration for the “where are you right now” factor, like when she’s down the street with her friends (we can do this ’cause it’s a small town). Also, she can text me or call me whenever she wants when she’s traveling with family members or friends or at camp. It makes separation a little easier.

I don’t know if I would ever use the Chaperone locator, though. Maybe in an emergency? Certainly not to spy on her. If it comes to the point where she needs to be spied on, she will find herself cell phone-less and on a much shorter leash.

P.S. - Leashes are good in airports where you are surrounded by strangers and trying to manage ticket transactions, luggage, and kids all at the same time.

Love the Show!