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Gadgettes 103: The Spy Episode

Join us as we learn to spy on our kids, trick out our Aston Martins, and drive to the South Pole in style. Plus, the most dangerous vibrator we've ever seen. Ever.

Join us as we learn to spy on our kids, trick out our Aston Martins, and drive to the South Pole in style. Plus, the most dangerous vibrator we've ever seen. Ever.

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Verizon lets you track your child, and then some

Transponder watch makes DBS owners feel like James Bond

Chewing gum spy camera

M2E Power promises phones that charge when you walk

Drive to the south pole in style in the Lotus CIV

$1.69 million personal submarine is a real bargain

What the hell!?/PinkWatch
Shave whilst you squirm: would you use the Womaniser Vibrator?

Tool Time: Darwin-Award edition
Hey, answer your ski glove, already!

Hot Asian gadget
World-first review: Kohler C3 bidet toilet seat--car wash for your butt

Casio Release three new cameras with Makeup functions

Brandon from Texas calls us out


Hello Gadgettes (and Jason),

PPQ (Personalised Plates Queensland) offer a range of custom license
plates, including the usual suspects (initials, really bad spellings,
sports teams, etc.).
When they released the Simpsons plates to coincide with the movie, I
thought they’d gone a little far…

Until now:

Hello Kitty License Plates:

You may have to refresh the front page a few time, or go the actual

Love the show,



Like you, I have felt the siren song of McDonald’s constant Olympic
barrage of ads for their new Southern-style chicken sandwich. I
succumbed about 3 days ago. My verdict –

The answer is false.

Or, to put it in the same terms as a recent Gadgettes episode, “Umm,
yeah, good luck with that, McDonalds.” This was a huge disappointment.
It was a bland, greasy bite of flavorless mung (whatever that means).
Chick-Fil-A has nothing to fear.

I think the problem is the all-white meat. White meat is bland. For
example, the worst mistake they’ve ever made as a franchise was making
McNuggets all white meat. They tout this like it makes the food
healthy. OK, real quick, if I’m eating at McDonald’s, I’ve given up on
healthy. Make it taste good.

Love the show!

Jeff from Huntsville, AL


Dear Gadgettes,
I wanted to let you know that flash drives may not be used by college
students, but that they have become an integral part of high school. I’m
starting my junior year this Monday, and I’ve had a flash drive since
seventh grade. Everyone in the school has one, and most of us carry them
around on our keys or in our backpacks at all times. Teachers often give
us ridiculous PowerPoint projects that somehow manage to jump from being
“classwork” to stay-up-til-midnight homework.
Is the correct term “flash drive” or “thumb drive”? I’ve always said
flash drive. Thumb drive sounds weird, like someone stole your thumb and
stuck a USB connector in it. Sweet.