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Gadgettes 101: The Good Luck (with that) Episode

"Good luck with that" is one of those phrases that means something different depending on the inflection that's used.

"Good luck with that" is one of those phrases that means something different depending on the inflection that's used. We attempt to cover all the bases in this week's Gadgettes.

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Behold the DIY Batmobile

$1,000 spray makes electronic gadgets completely waterproof

The keyboard napkin–Laptop–Gear.html

DVICE: Apoll Tabletop Fireplace accommodates high-end weenie roasts

Prospot Fusion Home Gym combines the tedium of exercise with the excitement of watching things on a TV

Good luck: On not getting sued.
ASUS Eee stick

Toyota announces Segway killer: The Winglet personal transporter

We should be so lucky:
IKEA to sell solar panels?

Tool Time:
GoateeSaver, the grooming accessory for the clumsy, inept, or hungover

Why didn’t I think of that?
Automatic Hot Dog Grill Roller–Outdoor–Home.html

What the hell?

Thomas from Alabama:
You forgot ….


PinkWatch from Jordan:

"ARE YOU A GIRL? Seriously... are you? Well, Hardware Secrets has something just for you - or your imaginary girlfriend. It's called the Raidmax Aura and it's available in Seashell Pink, Emerald Green, Polar Blue and "Really Black", whatever that is...

Anime-loving geekettes would kill for one. Hardware Secrets gave it a post and they liked it enough. Now you might think it's a bit misogynistic, but the case is highlighted as having a tool-less setup (girls aren't handy with tools?) and no sharp edges (because girls can't avoid slicing their hands when sticking components in the case?)... Pricing might be a bit steep, but then again, when *misogynistic comment of the day* has price been a deterrent to a female? Read about it here.(pictures and specs of case)"
Awesome Show


Milton (from ‘Office Space’)would love this - Fair cake plate, protractor…

Now you can add to the absurdity with this Fair Share Cake Plate, cutting a slice with accuracy down to the millimeter, to the satisfaction of even the most discerning dessert fetishist. And if there's only one slice left, you can avoid physical violence by divvying it up with the utmost in fairness. It might just be worth the $43.50 (US) just to avoid those kitchen-floor wrestling matches.


Love The Gadgettes (of course .- like who doesn’t). Maybe its because I am a brit, you make me laugh but in a kind of scary way. l can laugh, but then you are not in the same room…
How can you have so much - um - energy? And i dont mean that in a bad way.
Well, cast 101 on its way. Any chance you can work in a bit of Manscara and Guyshadow into the show? I think i like it.. but maybe it depends on the man..
Anyway - do we have to brand it gender specific? Its the same product … isn’t it?
Just interested in your take on it Molly.