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G4 in demand

Apple's newest high-end systems are much-anticipated, but rely on one chipmaker, Motorola, which could raise supply problems.


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Apple Computer's newest high-end systems have generated consumer interest in advance of reaching consumer outlets, but the G4 models rely on processors made solely by Motorola, which could raise supply problems.

"Right now, we've got our hands full getting [G4 systems] to market."

- Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president of worldwide marketing


It's back to the future for Motorola and Apple
news analysis Motorola is once again the sole supplier of advanced chips to Apple Computer, a development that could place Apple in a precarious position should there be a hiccup in Motorola's assembly lines.

Apple touts new G4 chip, Mac OS 9
update Interim CEO Steve Jobs talks up the new products' superiority over similar products from Microsoft and Intel and emphasizes the growing importance of the Internet in Apple's plans.

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