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Future Sony Ericsson Xperia phones may not do Windows Mobile

Sony Ericsson says future Xperia smartphones may not run Windows Mobile.

Sony Ericsson

Oh, snap. On Monday, Sony Ericsson kicked off its digital marketing campaign for its Xperia X1 smartphone, but the most interesting news to come out of the launch is that future Xperia models may not use Windows Mobile. Magnus Andersson, product manager for the X1, said, "The brand is not tied into any specific technical platform," but did not expand on what other mobile operating systems the company may consider.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 made quite a splash at GSMA 2008, not just for its unique panel interface but also for the fact that it was the company's first Windows Mobile device. (Previous Sony Ericsson smartphones used Symbian's UIQ OS.) Not sure what it means that Sony Ericsson is already considering other operating systems before the Xperia X1 has even shipped, but it doesn't look all that good for Microsoft.

One other noteworthy tidbit: according to a company spokeswoman, there will be announcement on November 3 for the North American market, so mark your calendars. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden will be able to get the smartphone on September 30, while it should roll out to the rest of Europe, Asia, and Latin America in Q4.

(Via Reuters)