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Furniture lets your media center breathe

Because laptops aren't the only gadgets that get hot.


Anyone who has a home theater knows that laptops aren't the only pieces of equipment that can get a little warm on occasion. That's become even more noticeable as more people try to conceal their components behind walls or cabinet doors for a more discreet interior design that wall-mounted TVs allow.

Now BDI, which specializes in furniture for home technology, has figured out how a way to keep your various boxes cool without stationing an oscillating fan in front of them 24/7. Its "Avion 8529" is an enclosed cabinet that's designed to ensure ventiliation while still keeping its doors closed.

The only problem is that it costs $1,950, according to BornRich, which may be about as much as you'd pay for the plasma or LCD that sits on top of it. But we applaud the concept, which will undoubtedly be followed by the Targets and Costcos of the world.