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See what's inside a Furby Connect

Ever wonder what lurks inside the original Furby and the brand-new Furby Connect? Luckily, the YouTube channel What's Inside opens him up so you don't have to.

It's like a Furby horror movie.

The retro electronic toy Furby has returned to toy stores as the upgraded Furby Connect to both the delight and horror of parents and kids intrigued by this odd little robot.

But what exactly lurks underneath those soulless eyes and colorful fur? In a video posted Saturday by the YouTube channel What's Inside, Dan Markham and young son Lincoln open up both the original '90s Furby and the new Furby Connect.

Released in 1998 by Tiger Electronics, the original Furby toy had big eyes and a furry, Mogwai-like body and spoke a combination of English and its made-up language of Furbish.

Previously, Hasbro released an upgraded version of Furby that used voice-recognition and had complex facial expressions. In 2012, Hasbro released an even more high-tech version of Furby, with LCD eyes.

With the new Furby Connect, you can play a video game in the mobile app while the Furby cheers nonstop along with your actions in the game.

It also uses Bluetooth to get regular updates, so it knows it's Christmas or when another Furby is around so they can chatter and wiggle next to each other. Its eyes are now full-color screens, and it'll go to slumberland when you place a sleep mask on it.

It's interesting to see how many electronics comprise both the new and original versions. Even though Furby Connect has more advanced robotics, both the new and the retro Furby still have very similar plastic components.

Though I dare you not to cry while watching the Furby toys slowly being destroyed. At least they're not screaming as the saw slowly cuts through them.

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