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Funny or Die takes on cable bundles in hilarious short

Cable TV bundles offer an absurd number of channels, and customers can't pay for only what they watch. This Funny or Die video shows how awful it would be if other services were bundled like cable.

While streaming services like HBO Now, CBS All Access and Sling TV have cropped up that let users stream specific TV channels, most people get their TV fix from cable companies that offer extensive bundles for a (generally) hefty price.

In a hilarious short posted on Thursday, the folks at Funny or Die criticize cable bundles by showing how absurd it'd be if other things were bundled like cable. I mean, just imagine heading to the ice cream shop and getting a scoop of each of the flavors on offer instead of the single scoop of pecan praline; having the button for every floor on an elevator light up when you press one; or having to pay for every single parking space in a parking lot instead of just the one you actually used.

Sounds awful, right? Check out the video above to see just how bad an idea bundling is, then rest assured that, with new subscription services popping up on the regular, bundling will probably soon be a thing of the past.