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Fun with iPhone Moblyng slide shows

A new photo slide show application for the iPhone from Moblyng.

Dong Ngo/CNET Networks

One of the cool features of the iPhone is its ability to handle photos in a way that allows you to flip through the images very easily or view them as a simple slide show. However, after a while it gets mundane.

For this reason, I was excited that Moblyng announced on Thursday its slide show application for the Apple iPhone. Being an amateur photographer, I decided to try it out. And it delivered!

Almost immediately I appreciated its improvement over the phone's built-in photo-managing tool. It was very easy to pick either existing photos or take new ones with the phone's camera to make a new slide show or add to an existing one.

The app offers five ways (themes) for you to run a slide show. One of the themes is called "Antique" that makes all images appear in black and white, which is really cool. You can also change the speed and choose different skins.

I didn't try sharing my slide shows with any social networks, as I don't have an account with either Friendster or MySpace, the two networks the app supports. However, when I tried to share it with a different phone number, the app crashed. I hope this will be fixed with later updates of the app.

Nonetheless, Moblyng Slide Shows is a very fun app, and best of all, it can be downloaded from the App Store for free. It's definitely worth a try. Other smartphones users can also try a similar app at Moblyng's mobile site:

Together with the application, Moblyng also announced today that it received more than 1 million monthly unique visitors to its mobile site in September. This number is rather significant as the site was launched just a month earlier, in August.