Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD lacking in photo quality, not features

The nicely designed megazoom has more going on than just its long lens, but producing good photos isn't on the list.

The Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD can be had for as low as $219.99 (from a reputable dealer, no less). That's really cheap inexpensive when you start adding up its feature list, which includes a 15x f3.5-5.4 27.6-414mm-equivalent lens, optical image stabilization, a 2.7-inch LCD, as well as a 0.2-inch electronic viewfinder, 10-megapixel resolution, and the ability to capture HD video clips up to 15 minutes long at 1,280x720 (720p).

But its feature set isn't on par with its photo quality and that's where the S2000HD comes up short. That's not to say it isn't capable of taking some decent photos for a budget compact, however, on a regular basis it disappointed.

Usually taking photos in bright, natural light produced some fine images, but regardless of ISO there was always some noise and the auto white balance was inconsistent. Noise suppression helped some of the problem, but brought its own issues.

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