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Fujifilm enhances its EXR compact megazoom

The FinePix F80EXR picks up where its predecessor left off, but doesn't stop there.


The FinePix F70EXR was a decent enough compact megazoom, but wasn't without its issues. Fujifilm's refreshed it for spring, adding extra features and enhancing what was already there.

At less than an inch thick, the F80EXR is packing a 27mm-equivalent wide-angle lens with a 10x zoom, which is still pretty amazing, and on back is a 3-inch LCD. The resolution has been bumped up to 12 megapixels; that's good because the EXR modes for improved dynamic range and lower noise at higher ISOs require the resolution to be halved. Also improved is the camera's movie mode that now records at resolutions up to 720p HD.

Added in are some of the company's new shooting features for 2010 including Pet Detection (focuses on cats and dogs), tracking autofocus for moving subjects, improved flash control, and face recognition for storing information on up to 8 faces you commonly shoot so they're prioritized as well as making the photos easier to find later.

The FinePix F80EXR will be available in April 2010 at a retail price of $299.95.