Fugly speaker dock for Clix

iRiver's releases a new speaker dock for the Clix that isn't nearly as impressive as the one for the original player.

Jasmine France Former Editor

OK, OK, I'm harsh. I know. The recently launched Clix Cradle from iRiver isn't all that unattractive. Indeed, it looks to be reasonably useful. It includes a single speaker and seems to prop up the player at a handy viewing angle for video watching. But is it just me, or does this new dock look like a serious step down from the original Clix cradle?

First of all, the old version (pictured below) included dual speakers for stereo sound and had a cool snooze button on top for using the player as an alarm clock. It also came with a remote and added line-in recording as a feature. Finally--and, yes, this is the girl coming out in me (puppies! kittens! stickers! sparkles!)--it was darn cute, turning the Clix into a retro-looking mini TV. Call me jaded, but this new dock thingie just doesn't stack up.

Ah well. It is reasonably priced (about $30) and should come out in the United States in the next month or so (it's Korea-only for now), so if you have a new Clix and are itching to accessorize, I guess it's worth a look. And how does that saying go? Don't knock it 'til you try it?

(via Akihabara)