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Fugitive allegedly dares cops on Facebook, gets nabbed

A man who is on Utica, N.Y., police's 10 most wanted list, allegedly dares police on Facebook to come catch him. He even posts video of himself walking into a police station. Somehow, the police cannot resist the challenge.

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I know that when you hear this story, some of you will ask yourselves: "Why didn't he do it on Google+?"

Still, these troubling events occurred on Facebook, currently the most stickily social network. There, Facebooker Ruben J. Burgos allegedly decided to test the power of the network, as well as the intelligence and irritability of the police.

According to the New York Daily News, Burgos allegedly thought it might be fun to post this on his Facebook page: "Catch me if you can. I'm in Brooklyn."

It seems that Burgos has a place on the Utica, N.Y., Police Department's Ten Most Wanted list. He is wanted for three counts of criminal contempt and two of aggravated harassment of his ex-girlfriend (including threats to kill her).

So perhaps his taunting was slightly unwise. What may have been even more unwise was shooting a video of himself walking into an NYPD station house. Yes, he reportedly posted that on his Web page.

Sharing on Facebook can be a dangerous business. CC MoneyBlogNewz/Flickr

Utica police Sgt. Steve Hauck offered this simple analysis of what ensued to the Daily News: "He told us via Facebook to come and get him and we did." Indeed, he was arrested Monday by U.S. Marshals and the NYPD in Brooklyn.

The city of Utica enjoys a rather comprehensive Facebook page, where it explained that the taunting Facebook post had now been removed.

Burgos is reportedly a rap music promoter who operates under the name R. Mack Milly. Indeed, on the R. Mack Milly Facebook page is a picture of Burgos and the caption confirming that R. Mack Milly is indeed, Ruben J. Burgos.

This Facebook business page offers extremely detailed and fascinating information.

Included is the following: "With nearly three years experience in technology and nearly a decade directly involved in the music industry sector, I've provided counsel to business leaders."

Ruben J. Burgos aka R. Mack Milly counsels business leaders about technology. Allegedly.