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From your CyberShot to the canvas

Art studio in NYC makes Warhol-ized photo portraits.


We've covered some interesting customized-art endeavors on Crave before, like that company called DNA 11 that specializes in turning your genetic code or fingerprint into an aesthetic masterpiece. Here's another one: Apartment Therapy recently gave a nod to a studio that will take your photographs that you submit online, and turn them into works of art worthy of the classiest 21st-century aesthete. RRSK Studio, located in NYC's chic Meatpacking District, will take your Flickr faves and turn them into "pop portraits" or "fluid portraits." The studio can also paint a custom logo or phrase in your typeface of choice. Costs range between $125 and $400, and they are ready within several weeks of the order. And, yes, they're actually painted. This isn't a Photoshopping job.

Here's the only problem: I couldn't find anywhere on the site to actually submit a photo, despite AT's assurance that it was a simple process. I'm not sure if there's a site bug at the moment, or if you need to speak to the studio before you can access the online upload process. Regardless, this is a really cool idea. Online photos can be turned into just about anything from business cards to puzzles these days; it's about time for something a little swankier to emerge.