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From 'Matrix' to the living room, sans head plugs

This personal media center is the best of all worlds.


The last time we saw a set-up like this, we were trying to figure out how to spell Nebuchadnezzar without much luck. But this takes the concept behind the "G-Tech Neber" to an entirely new level, out of the clinical category and into the living room.

Despite its Pottery Barn-inspired name, the "Maya Single" media apparatus impressively features an architecturally designed chair with strategically positioned 60-watt speakers, subwoofer, and 32- or 26-inch screen perched precariously by a metal arm hanging overhead, all accented with natural wood trim, according to T3. The sound system definitely puts it ahead of the similarly inclined "Alternative Computer Control System" but, for pure technological appointments, it still falls short of the "Aura."

Still, the Maya is one sweet ride. The only major drawback, so far as we can tell, is that it doesn't fully recline.