From Boba Fett to Stormtrooper with latest 'Star Wars' knit caps

Really, now, Mr. or Ms. Bounty Hunter, isn't it time you got a steady job? Maybe you should enlist. Then again, you could chuck the whole thing and sail the high sands as a Tusken Raider.

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Edward Moyer
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Running your own business is tough. Sure, it's nice to be able to choose who you freeze in carbonite, but there's a heck of a lot of scrambling involved: lining up new clients, satisfying the perverse whims of existing slimy, disgusting ones. You can't help but daydream about a nice, steady, cushy gig on an Imperial Star Destroyer somewhere.

Well, now it's easy to swap your Boba Fett hat for a Stormtrooper hat. Our pal BeeBeeKins over at Etsy is up to her old tricks and has added nicely knitted Stormtrooper headgear to her varied list of offerings. If it's time to hang up the bounty hunter business for a while, you can preorder a Stormtrooper helmet-hat for $49.99, and you'll get it sometime in June. That'll give you a chance to tie up some loose ends -- vaporize the last of your commitments, that sort of thing.

Of course, becoming a lowly infantryman may mean having to answer to a boss who's always loudly breathing down your neck and threatening to snap it with a flick of his Force-filled fingers. Maybe the better course of action would be to go to the other extreme -- forget about honest labor altogether and hit the high sands for a bit of banditry.

BeeBeeKins can help you there too. Her Tusken Raider headgear is, in our humble opinion, the best of the lot. It's also a preorder for June, with a price tag of $49.99. But if that seems steep, just think of how easily you'll make it back, once you mug a Jawa or two.