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​Frinkiac has a GIF generator? I am in flavour country!

You can now turn your favourite moments from "The Simpsons" into animated GIFs. That's it...I'm going to clown college.


On a quiet Thursday morning in early February this year, I found what I thought was the zenith of human creation: The Frinkiac Simpsons meme generator.

Take any still image from "The Simpsons," add some text and presto: You have yourself a meme. Think of it like New Billboard Day, for any time you want to make a pithy rejoinder on social media! Just like Nuts and Gum, Frinkiac and I were together at last.

But this morning I discovered that everyone's favourite website has launched a new GIF generator.

The GIFs are happening right now and I'm missing them!


Instead of still images (the unflavoured ice milk of the meme world), you can stitch images together to recreate your favourite moments from "The Simpsons" in animated form.

'GIFs?' I thought. 'That's where I'm a viking.'

This is bigger than Gabbo, more fun than Funzo and more extreme than Poochie. In fact, a million poets could try for a million years and still describe but three-eighths of its beauty.

I'm gorging.


The GIF generator is still only in beta, and just like when Frinkiac first launched, the demand has made the site slow at times. But still, there is simply no emoticon for what I'm feeling.

Okay, I may have overdone it on the GIFs already. If you're going to tell me about laying off the insanity peppers, I'm way ahead of you.

It's like all my favourite hallucinations have come true.