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Friday the 13th debunked? Quadruple-cursed flight lands safely

It should have been the most unlucky flight ever, but it landed just fine at HEL. Kind of makes you wonder about the passengers...

If there were any superstitious people aboard Finnair flight 666 from Copenhagen to Helsinki, they're surely counting their blessings now that the plane landed safely and without incident.

Flightradar24, a Swedish air traffic monitoring app, pointed out on Twitter that the 13-year-old plane landed in the 13th hour of Friday the 13th, bearing the sign of the beast as its flight number.

The tweet was shared and liked thousands of times as "Friday the 13th" topped Twitter trends for a while Friday.

If this doesn't serve to debunk the idea that 13, and Friday the 13th in particular, are unlucky, I think we're stuck with the concept forever.

Then again, perhaps the passengers on Flight 666 were of a darker sort who chose the flight because of those superstitious associations. After all, the code for the airport where it landed is HEL.

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