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Friday Poll: Would you pay more for a made-in-America gadget?

It's slim pickings for tech devices made in the US, but the tides could shift with the success of the Moto X. Still, buying American-made gadgets may require trade-offs in price or features.

Moto X assembly
One of the final stages of the Moto X packaging in a Texas factory.
Eric Mack/CNET

This week, Crave's Eric Mack toured the Texas factory where the Motorola Moto X is made. It's the first smartphone ever to be assembled in the US, and so far, demand for the device seems to be decent. Is this the start of an American tech-production renaissance?

Making devices like smartphones in America means paying higher wages to workers. That can make production costs a little higher than manufacturing overseas. This translates to either a bigger price tag for consumers, or a cut somewhere in the hardware features to keep costs down.

If the Moto X turns out to be as profitable as Motorola is hoping, it could encourage more gadget manufacturing on American shores, rather than in plants in China as is the current norm. Still, the question remains as to whether buyers are willing to compromise, especially if it means shelling out more money.

Last year, a Crave poll found that 25 percent out of 764 respondents actively seek out American-made tech products. Now that the Moto X is available and American gadget manufacturing is looking up (at least a little bit), are you willing to spend more on a device made on US soil? Vote in our poll and talk it out in the comments.