Friday Poll: Would you ever wait in an iPhone line?

Waiting in an iPhone line isn't for everyone, but there seems to be no shortage of people gathered with sleeping bags and tents for the iPhone 5 release. Are you a past, present, future, or never iPhone line waiter?

The line at Apple's 5th Avenue store early in the week.
Greg Sandoval/CNET

Hush. Be quiet or you'll startle them. We are observing the annual migration of the Apple fanboys. Magnificent herds gather in patient lines, awaiting the arrival of their newest pack member, the iPhone 5.

It's Friday, but, more importantly, it's iPhone 5 release day. You might be in line, reading news about all the people in line, or back from waiting in line (you lucky dog) with your shiny new smartphone.

I've done my time in an Apple line before, way back when the iPad 2 came out. In my day, we had to wait 5,000 hours in the freezing cold with no shoes, climb Mount Everest to reach the Apple Store at the top, walk back home uphill, and sacrifice a goat to the Verizon gods to get the 3G turned on.

I actually had a great time in line. Folks were pleasant and polite. The Apple Store employees brought iced tea around for everyone. I didn't have to wait very long and I got the exact iPad I was looking for.

With Samsung chiding Apple fans and a mixed reaction to the iPhone 5 announcement, maybe some of the luster and glamor has worn off from the line waiting experience.

Despite it all, sales look to be booming. That means online orders are getting pushed back into October. If you want an iPhone 5 without waiting until next month, the line is your best bet.

Let's hear your iPhone line confessions. Have you been in every iPhone line? Do you avoid it like the plague? Are you in line right now? Vote in our poll and talk about it in the comments. If you're out waiting today, give us a shout about your experience.

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