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Friday Poll: Will you buy an iPad alternative?

The Motorola Xoom 2, Amazon Kindle Fire, and a refreshed Nook Tablet are all looking to attract your attention away from Apple. Will you buy one of these iPad alternatives?

The iPad won't go unchallenged forever. A host of alternatives are aiming to knock the reigning king of tablets off its throne. Do any of them tickle your fancy?

Xoom 2
Xoom 2. Motorola Mobility

Motorola thought that sales of 100,000 units of the original Xoom Android tablet in the third quarter of 2011 was encouraging enough to have another go. The Xoom 2 goes on sale in Ireland and the U.K. this month.

Xoom 2 will come in 10-inch and 8.2-inch versions, both of which have dual-core processors and run Android Honeycomb. There's no word on if or when the Xoom 2 will see a wider distribution.

Apple apparently isn't worried, but Amazon's Kindle Fire has lit a fire under Barnes & Noble. Details are slowing leaking out about a major update to the Nook e-reader. Reports say the new Nook Tablet will have a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM to power the 7-inch device.

These new tablets are all packing enough heft to make their presence known, but the tablet market has been notoriously fickle for any device with a name that doesn't rhyme with "iPad."

Will you buy one of these iPad alternatives? Vote in our poll and tell us in the comments whether any of this latest tablet news gets you excited.