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Friday Poll: Will you buy a Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung is expected to officially usher in the Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress on Monday. Is your pocketbook already open for it?

Samsung Galaxy
We're all waiting for the first official glimpse of the S5.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Few things in the smartphone realm can rival the madness around a new iPhone announcement, but the arrival of a new Galaxy definitely is a contender. Samsung has invited journalists to a Monday shindig at Mobile World Congress at which it's expected to spill the details on the upcoming Galaxy S5.

You can follow the proceedings on CNET's live blog and expect to get answers to pressing questions like whether it will have a fingerprint sensor and if it will come with a premium metal case option.

The actual release date for the smartphone is still up in the air. Reports are all over the map. Some sources say it's just a few weeks away, while others are less optimistic, saying it may take all the way until the end of March before it's out.

Some Galaxy fans don't need the announcement to make up their minds. Some are sure they're going to get that phone when it comes out. Others might be holding off, looking for a wow feature to tip the scales toward an upgrade. Perhaps you're perfectly happy with your current phone and have no intention of jumping into the arms of the S5.

It's not every day a new flagship smartphone arrives. Are you ready to buy the Galaxy S5 when it comes out? Vote in our poll and talk it out in the comments.