Friday Poll: Who is the best Batman?

As "The Dark Knight Rises" storms into theaters today, we stir up the question of who makes the best Batman.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
The Dark Knight: App Edition
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That moaning noise you're hearing is Gotham creaking on its foundations as Batman battles Bane for the soul of the city. That rumbling noise that goes along with it is the sound of gobs of fans flocking to the theater today for the opening of "The Dark Knight Rises."

Director Christopher Nolan's new blockbuster may be the latest entry in the Batman lineup, but it's just one of many interpretations of the DC Comics superhero. Much like different generations lay claim to different versions of "Star Trek," different Batmans compete for top billing in fans' hearts.

You may be way into Adam West's gray tights. Perhaps the original comic book is your idea of the ultimate rendition. Growling Christian Bale could be your end-all and be-all Batman.

Let's not forget about the dark-horse Dark Knights. Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney have all taken turns behind the mask.

If you really want to start digging into live-action Batman history, you'll find Lewis Wilson was the first actor to take on the role in 1939, with Robert Lowery later stepping into the suit in 1949. There have also been animated takes on the superhero.

Now's the time to pick the cream of the Batman crop. Who do you think is the best Batman? Vote in our poll and stand up for your hero in the comments.

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