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Friday Poll: Who can best challenge the iPad?

The iPad has arguably created a new market, which Apple is now clearly dominating, but competitors are getting ready to make their mark. Who stands the best chance?

So Apple's iPad is in the news again this week, with more rumors of a smaller, perhaps 7-inch, version due in time for the holiday-shopping season.

The iPad has arguably created a new market, which Apple is clearly dominating. But non-Apple tablets are on their way.

Matt Hickey/CNET

Research In Motion, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, and even Google are gunning for the Cupertino company's market share.

Until we get our hands on the devices themselves, we can't make any predictions of the iPad's demise.

But you're not like us. You're Crave readers and you love to prognosticate. So...who--if anyone--do you think has a chance of really challenging the iPad? Vote in our poll and share any thoughts in the TalkBack section below.