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Friday Poll: Which Google stunt would grab you?

When Google rolls our fun new features like new background photos and colors, they're usually well-received. What stunt should Google try next?

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What Google stunt would get your attention?

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Google on Thursday rolled out a new feature to let people choose background photos and colors for their Google home pages--a la Microsoft's Bing--then retracted it 14 hours later.

It was a 24-hour experiment, Google says, but before it was done, the company yanked it after discovering a "bug" that erased a link under the google.com search bar explaining why the usually unadorned home page had gotten so colorful.

Colorful backgrounds are one of the things that set Bing apart from Google, so naturally Bing fans are snickering to themselves, and maybe rightly so; the experiment seemed to be a failure.

This comes on the tail of the famous Pac-Man game embedded in the home page and the World Cup Easter egg hidden in search. When Google rolls out new features and fun toys it rarely makes noise about them, and this was no exception. But usually the stunts work out well.

So we were wondering: What other hijinks can G-Money pull to get our positive attention? I've come up with a few good ides, but I'm sure there are great ones I didn't include. Be sure to leave them in the comments section below so other readers can tell you why you're clearly wrong.