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Friday Poll: Which gadgets should Slim down?

In this era of ever-tinier gear, such as Sony's PSP Slim, which gadgets would you like to see getting downsized? Vote in our poll.

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Can you see me now?
Which product should follow in the PS3 Slim's footsteps first?

Graphics cards
Sport utility vehicles
Gaming desktops
iPod Shuffle
Subcutaneous RFID chips

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PS3 Slim

This week, we finally met the much-anticipated PlayStation 3 Slim, which features pretty much the same hardware as its predecessor but has a thinner chassis, vertically and horizontally.

As my colleague Josh Lowensohn notes, however, the PS3's more compact cousin is part of a shrinking-console trend over the last several years. And that got us wondering: in this era of ever-tinier gear, which other gadgets would you most like to see getting smaller?

Vote in our poll, and as always, feel free to sound off in our comments section below.