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Friday Poll: Which car concept drives you most?

A contest tasking high school students with envisioning the dashboard of the future yielded some great ideas. Which option would you most like to see?

CNET News Poll

Automobile aspirations
Which of these features would you most like to see in your next car?

Feedback prompts to encourage a "green foot"
Redeemable retail points for eco-friendly driving
System that alerts drivers to congestion so they can walk or bus instead
Gas subsidized with Google ads across dashboard
Traffic reports auto-tuned like T. Pain
Breathalyzer tech built in to seatbelt to check BAC (Lohan only)

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This week, we told you about a contest that tasked high school students with envisioning the car dashboard of the future--with an eco twist. Participants came up with some great ideas that 10 years ago would have sounded like science fiction but today make you kind of go, "Well, yeah, of course."

I don't drive. But if I did, I'd want all of these as standard features. What about you? Which of these would you most like to see? Some of the options in the poll come from semifinalists in the contest, others from me. As usual, all ideas by Yours Truly are patented, and any applicable royalties can be forwarded to my PayPal account.