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Friday Poll: What's your top social-media news source?

With the announcement of changes to its News Feed, Facebook is moving into territory previously cornered by Twitter. Is it your top news source, or do you get your social-media news fix elsewhere?

Faecbook changes
Facebook's News Feed gets a makeover.
Screenshot by Josh Lowensohn/CNET

Facebook rolled out its big News Feed news yesterday. The result is more emphasis on photos and a "following" tab that will let users actually see all the updates from pages and people that they want to, instead of relying on Facebook's mysterious algorithm to deliver posts to their attention.

If this sounds a lot like the way Twitter works, that's not a coincidence. Twitter has a reputation as a breaking news source, a place to follow the commentary as it happens. The Facebook changes could put it in a similar position. All you would do is hit up the "following" tab to watch the information flow in from your favorite sources.

The overall result of these changes is that Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are all starting to look a lot like each other. The evolution of the social-media news feed may be pretty much over.

This leaves us with multiple social-media sources that let you watch a stream of updates roll in and decide for yourself where to focus your attention. You've got options, but which one is your top spot for news?

Are you a Twitter addict with a knack for picking out the most useful tweets? Are you a Facebook fan who aggregates information from your friends and fan pages? Maybe Google+ is your newsy stomping ground.

How are those Facebook News Feed changes sitting with you? Is Facebook your top social-media news source? Vote in our poll and talk it up in the comments.