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Friday Poll: What's your reaction to the new 'Star Wars' trailer?

The first trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" has been viewed, remixed, parodied and shot in Lego form. Tell us if it fires up your lightsaber or if you're sensing a disturbance in the Force instead.

This zippy droid is expected to be in the new "Star Wars." Lucasfilm/Screenshot by CNET

We've all had a week to process the very first "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer, so we can stop hyperventilating from an overload of anticipation colliding with a blast of reality. The official teaser is full of rolling droid action, some guy in a Stormtrooper outfit, X-wing fighters and a controversial new lightsaber with glowing hand guards.

For many "Star Wars"-starved fans, the trailer brought a Wookiee-sized level of excitement to the seemingly endless waiting period before the film debuts in theaters in December 2015. The teaser's arrival was met with a slew of parody versions, including redone trailers with tons of J.J. Abrams-inspired lens flare, a screwed-up George Lucas version and a remake done entirely with Lego.

Though the trailer was sketchy on substance and lacking imagery of returning stars like Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, it was enough to get me excited about the prospect of sitting down in a dark theater and embracing the "Star Wars" world once again. I'm still in recovery from the prequels, so this is a big step for me. For the record, I love that new lightsaber whether it makes sense or not.

Not everybody is polishing up their Stormtrooper helmets and preparing to camp out for tickets, though. CNET reader mascorrofactor commented on the trailer, writing "stupidest droid and lightsaber concepts i've ever seen. any excitement i had for this film is now half dead." Others complained about the absence of any details concerning plots and characters, but that can be chalked up to the nature of a teaser trailer.

You've seen the trailer, likely more than once. You've seen the quirky Wes Anderson and explosion-laden Michael Bay versions, which have their own merits, and may make you pine for a different director. Tell us if the trailer makes you as happy as Jabba the Hutt with a carbonite Han Solo or as dour as a Stormtrooper who can't duck. Vote in our poll and chat it out in the comments.