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Friday Poll: What do you want most from Monday's Apple event?

The Apple Watch is the likely star of Apple's upcoming "Spring Forward" event, but other popular products may emerge with fresh upgrades.

Apple Watch
Apple's event is likely to be full of Apple Watch information. James Martin/CNET

Apple is getting a jump on spring fever with a special event timed to happen the Monday after most of the US jumps ahead an hour into Daylight Saving Time. That timely connection may be a hint about what's to come at the event: most likely we'll get a slew of new details on the Apple Watch.

There are still a lot of unknowns surrounding the smartwatch. What are the different price levels? Will the gold watch actually cost $5,000? What apps will be available? Just how dastardly is the battery life? There will be plenty to talk about, but the Apple Watch may not be the only star of the show.

The rumor mill has been busy chewing over the possibility of a jumbo iPad, a 12.9-inch "iPad Plus." There's speculation that Apple's suppliers have been too busy making the iPhone 6 Plus to crank out an iPad Plus, but that doesn't rule out the product's existence.

A more likely cameo appearance could come from the MacBook Air side of things. Rumors covering everything from a Retina Display to a new 12-inch screen size are floating about. It's definitely time for some new Air action, making that product a strong candidate for an appearance at the event. Other gadgets that could pop up include refreshed Apple TV boxes or brand new iPods for the dedicated-music-player crowd.

If Apple wants to drop some news guaranteed to make the media salivate, it could unveil information about its rumored electric car. Whatever happens, the Apple Watch is bound to have some company. Tell us what you would most like to see at Apple's event. Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

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