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Friday Poll: What would get you to buy a tablet?

Are they cool? Or mostly just hype? Which function of a tablet--not just the iPad, but any device with that form factor--would most make you jump up and buy one?

CNET News Poll

Tablet temptations
What's the biggest selling point for tablets?

They make perfect e-book readers
They're perfect for sneaking movies during jury duty
Longer battery life means I can watch Avatar. Twice!
Awesome video chat appliance (non-iPads only)
Games. That's all, games
Tablets? Man, I just got my Kindle

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Um, Apple isn't the only one making a tablet. Dell

We saw a few tablet-esque devices at CES earlier this month, and they were getting interesting. Then on Wednesday, as expected, Apple threw its "i"-obsessed hat into the ring with the iPad which, as is typical when Apple does something, caused the tech reporting world to go all crazy.

You heard about the iPad, right? If not you can google it on Bing.

Anyway, there are now tablets--plural--out there. Which means there's a good chance that you, as a gadget enthusiast, will either be buying one or at least entertaining the idea of buying one in the near future. Apple's tablet ships in "a couple months or so," and others from Asus and MSI are already hitting the street (or getting close to it). Microsoft's Courier concept shows that it, too, is ready to jump into this nascent market.

But are tablets that cool? Or are they mostly hype? We want to get your take. Which of these uses of a tablet--not just the iPad, but any device with that form factor--is a selling point that would most make you jump up and buy one? If we missed anything, be sure to sound off below.