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Friday Poll: What will iTunes 10 bring?

Apple dropped iTunes 9.2 on us this week, but we're already looking ahead to iTunes 10. What features do you think it will have?

CNET News Poll

Imagining iTunes 10
Which of these features will we see in iTunes 10?

Syncing libraries across multiple computers
Music stored "in the cloud"
TV show or channel subscription service
Podcast recorder and editor
iChat-like function for video chatting with new iPhones
Karaoke! Vocals stripped, lyrics shown
Option to play vuvuzela over all tracks

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iTunes 9.2

This week, Apple dropped iTunes 9.2 on us. It includes syncing for iOS 4 and that new iPhone you may or may not have heard about. The new iPhone, of course, brings the possibility of even more new features coming soon, and those with a long memory will note that 9.2 was the final version of Mac OS before OS X (Mac OS version 10.0) landed in 2001.

All that got us wondering if iTunes 10 (iTunes X?) might be coming sooner rather than later. And that got us thinking about what iTunes 10 would include that would be radically different from what we've got now.

We've come up with a list of things that might show up in the next version of iTunes, and a few that might not. Look ahead with us past iTunes 9.2 and tell us which of these you think we'll most likely actually see in iTunes 10? Vote in our poll and sound off in our Talkback section below.