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Friday Poll: What size memory card would you buy?

Memory cards come in such a range of sizes and formats these days. How much storage space do you need and how does size matter?

A roundup of some ancient and modern memory cards. Lower right: 12 bytes of core memory. CC Daniel Sancho/Flickr

This week, KingMax announced a 64GB MicroSD card that puts the equivalent of two and a half Blu-ray discs in a container the size of a thumbnail.

The range of sizes and formats available in memory cards these days is mind-boggling, with jaw-dropping 128GB SDXC options slowly slipping into the mainstream.

Just trying to imagine what I would put on a 64GB (or higher) storage card to feel like I'm really taking advantage of it is difficult. Some easy candidates come to mind, such as RAW images and PSD files with dozens (or even hundreds) of layers, HD movies, entire discographies, and so on. But will the average person ever use all of the real estate in a high-capacity card? It's hard to say. Regardless, as manufacturers continue to inflate these cards, smaller capacities will become more inexpensive, which is great for the consumer.

If you were to buy a memory card today, what size would you choose and why? Sound off in our poll, and be sure to elaborate in the comments section on how size matters to you. Does more storage space just mean empty space to you? Or will you just get lazier about cleaning off old data? Is there even such a thing as large enough?