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Friday Poll: What killer feature do you want in the next iPhone?

It's starting to look like the next iPhone will need to unveil a killer feature for the masses -- some of them, at least -- to be satisfied.

iPhone 5
What will the 5S do to distance itself from the 5?

Everybody's talking about killer features these days, but what exactly is a killer feature? It's a tech innovation or hardware spec or special piece of software that gives you good chills, that makes a nice smartphone into a must-have smartphone.

Your idea of a killer feature may be different from your neighbor's. Siri may have been a killer feature for you back when the iPhone 4S came out. The freshly announced Samsung Galaxy S4 has been criticized for not offering a killer feature. It seems that if the heart doesn't quicken at the mention of a technological upgrade these days, many consider it a disappointment.

Far in advance of the actual next iPhone announcement, we're hit with rumors that the new phone will have a killer feature, that Apple's famous "one more thing" will return in all its glory. We're just not sure exactly what it might be.

Let's look at the iPhone 5S rumors to see what possible innovations are in store for the expected announcement sometime this summer.

Hot on the heels of the latest Galaxy's enlarged screen size, plenty of people are wondering if Apple will follow suit and offer a jumbo-screen iPhone. Since we're expecting to get a 5S instead of an iPhone 6, this may be one of the more unlikely scenarios. Besides, not everybody is into honking big displays.

Some sources are whispering about the introduction of wireless charging. Others see NFC, mobile payments, and possibly even a biometric fingerprint scanner in their crystal balls.

Perhaps one of the more tantalizing rumors involves a cheaper iPhone that will offer a big price break for more budget-conscious buyers.

All of these rumors will continue to churn about until the actual unveiling of the next iPhone, but let's hear it for your deepest desires. What killer feature are you eager to hear escape from the lips of the Apple team on announcement day? Vote in our poll and talk it up in the comments.