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Friday Poll: What do you use your tablet for?

As tablets are new, they still have some evolving to do before we know what they're actually good for. What's your tablet's main purpose so far?

Joe Aimonetti/CNET

Millions of people already own tablets, more of the devices will surely be gifted this year for the holidays, and next year more tablets like the RIM PlayBook will expand the market even further.

But as tablets are relatively new, they still have some evolving to do before some of us know exactly how they fit into our daily lives. Myself, I use my Apple iPad for browsing (which RIM thinks its PlayBook will be better at), plus reading comics and books, and rocking the Netflix Instant wherever I am. But that's just me; these new devices can do much more than what I'm using mine for.

In fact, Apple's latest iPad TV ad, is meant to highlight all the things the iPad can do, using words like "cinematic!" and "educational!"

Which gets me wondering what you use your tablet for, readers. Or, if you don't have one (yet), what will you use yours for primarily when and if you get one? Learning? Communicating with friends? Pure entertainment? Vote in our poll.