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Friday Poll: Want a Windows 8 tablet?

Microsoft will be jumping into the shark-filled tablet waters in 2012 with Windows 8. Has the long delay impacted your desire for a Windows tablet?

The iPad may be the world's dominant tablet, but Android devices--especially Amazon's Kindle Fire--are finally making the tablet race a little more interesting.

Now, Windows 8 tablets are limping slowly toward the starting line. Will they have an impact?

You might know Windows. It's that operating system that runs on your desktop at work.

Nokia has said it will release a Windows 8 tablet in June of next year, but other Windows tablets are expected to dribble out later in 2012.

Microsoft already killed off an earlier tablet effort that would have given the company a jump-start in the tablet arena, so you can bet the Windows 8 tablets will arrive come hell or high water.

A new report by market analyst Forrester doesn't look kindly on this late arrival to the party. The report shows sharply declining consumer interest in a Windows tablet.

Microsoft's fate in the tablet world won't be decided by market analysts, however. It's up to manufacturers to get behind the OS and consumers to vote with their dollars.

Knowing that you'll have to wait well into next year to get your paws on one, do you want a Windows 8 tablet?

Vote in our poll and tell us in the comments if you desire a Windows 8 tablet, or if you're so happy with iOS or Android that Windows doesn't even cross your mind.